We love animals
We respect their wild freedom
We have always been attracted to them
Their beauty captivates us
That's the reason we have created theese lovely papers

Deeply attracted by nature
and its overwhelming energy, we decided to create a unique Perego Carta product:


This project was born by the idea of ​​creating a range of flocked and sensory papers celebrating our love for animals.

We want our designers and creatives to feel free to enjoy the beauty of these wild creatures in total respect of our environment.
MaKula presents a range of extremely realistic patterns, with a velvet texture that gives you a rich tactile sensation, similar to a caress.
The shades change from the most natural to unexpectedly vibrant metallic nuances.
Each Makula can be matched with one of Combo papers shown here: a simple hint for creating an impressive combination.
Some spots might be just a little different among them in shape and consistence and, even, lose some hair particularly in the change of season!
This way we have wanted to respect what normally happens in nature.

Unleash your beastly projects!